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Load Securing Equipment

Yellow Rack Securely Stores: Bars, Straps, Ladders, Shovels, Brooms, Tools and so much more! We are constantly surprised at the creative uses Yellow Rack offers for our customers.

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Does Yellow Rack Really Work? Just Ask:

The one and only simple solution for storing your shoring beams, load bars, straps, ladders, shovels . . . basically any equipment . . . safely out of harm's way in your trailer and at the loading dock.

Problem solved: Cargo equipment safely stowed. Drivers stay safe and on the road. No CSA fines or downtime. Reduced Insurance Claims. Safe working environment. Yellow Rack is safety yellow because it stands for safety.

Simple: Quickly mounts inside the trailer into track systems or can be directly wall mounted.

Versatile: Not just for trailers: Mount to Loading Dock to keep cargo equipment at hand but safely out of the way. Bimbo, Bax Global, RinChem use Yellow Rack both at the loading and in their trailers.

Tough: Rubberized nylon polymer designed and tested to specifically handle the rigors of the trucking industry. Maintains strength at sub-zero to triple digit temperatures. Steel reinforced. Withstands forklift hits.

Handles it all: The ONLY equipment rack designed to hold rectangular shoring beams in addition to load locks, jack bars, straps and other equipment.

Any Size, Any Place, Problem Solved: 2,3,4 and 6-bar sizes fit any trailer and any need. Track mount, Wall mount, Trailer, Distribution Center.

Wherever you need to stow your equipment, Yellow Rack is the answer.

1-YEAR FULL REPLACEMENT, NO HASSLE WARRANTY: You won't need it, but we provide it.

Prevents CSA Fines and Equipment Loss

Yellow Rack answers CSA's equipment restraint mandates.

Equipment is safely and legally stored yet quickly and readily available for use.

No more loose restraints, sliding cargo equipment, no more violations.

Drivers report inspections take a different tone when a trooper sees Yellow Rack securely storing cargo equipment.

Prevents Driver Injury and Insurance Claims

Securing your cargo equipment and tools with Yellow Rack ensures driver and equipment safety.

Drivers use Yellow Rack because it solves their problems:

*Fast and easy storage system keeps equipment at hand and safe.

*Loss and damage to cargo equipment is virtually eliminated.

*Back pain gone: No more bending over to pick up bars from the floor Watch the video below to see how easy Yellow Rack loads and unloads cargo equipment.

Withstands Forklifts & Extreme Temperatures

Your equipment must stand up to the trucking industry's demands. Yellow Rack is time tested. This summer a driver showed up at a customer's loading dock with a 6 year old Yellow Rack in his trailer. Banged, scuffed, but still going strong!

Steel reinforced space-age polymer - Maintains strength at temperature extremes: sub-zero reefer units to Central America heat.

Takes hits, keeps on working: We freeze it, beat it with sledge hammers, smash it with forklifts. Watch this one type of forklift stress test and decide for yourself the durability Yellow Rack offers!

Working hard in Big Rigs, Bobtails, Work Trucks, Vans, and Work Trailers

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